Wireless Connect AirPrint Link Module


Wireless Connect AirPrint Link Module

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What’s included:

  • 1x Print Link 5.0
  • 1x Desktop power supply 110-220 VAC to 4A USB C
  • 1x external USB Antenna 2G

Optional Items:

  • Printer
  • Printer Cover
    Printer Catch
  • Printer Rolling Case

Supported Printers:

  • DNP 620 – RX1 – DS 40 – QW410
  • Sinfonia CS2
  • Fuji ASK 300
  • Mitusbishi CP-D80W
  • DNP QW410


Introducing the Print Link 5.0 – the ultimate device for photobooth enthusiasts! This amazing product is the 5th version of its kind, created in 2017, and comes packed with all the features from previous versions that you know and love.

With the Print Link 5.0, you can easily print and stay connected to the internet while enjoying your photobooth experience. The device has a hotspot that is available when connected to Wi-Fi (only 2G) or RJ45 cable to another router set in DHCP mode, providing you with uninterrupted internet access. You can also adjust the saturation, brightness, and contrast of your photos, giving you the power to create the perfect picture every time.

To make things even better, the Print Link 5.0 is compatible with a USB Sim Dongle 4G, allowing you to access the internet even in areas without Wi-Fi. This means that you can take your photobooth experience anywhere you go, without having to worry about connectivity issues


  • Wirelessly print from macOS®, iOS®, Android®, and Windows® devices.
  • Easy printing from tablet-based (iPad® or Android) photo booths and roamer booths.
  • Printer and media are automatically identified by Print Link.
  • Print to single or multiple  printers.
  • Perfect tool to enable printing at small to medium size event
  • OS: iOS 11 & later, macOS 11.1, 11.0, & 10.15, Windows 10, Android 9 & later
  • USB Ports: 2 – allows for connection to two printers
  • WiFi Hotspot: 802.11 b/g/n standards


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