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Lighting and Electronics

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Ring Roamer external

Benefits Use to mount Ring Roamer LED cube constant light integrated with cold shoe What’s Included Ring Roamer Lightbox Mounting Bracket Dimmable LED light Cube (Optional Item) Material Aluminum Powder Coated Supported Stand Ring Roamer V2 Sapphire Ring Roamer NOTE: Ring Roamer is sold seperately


Ring Roamer 5

Male to Male 2.1mm x DC Power Adapter Cable Wire Size: 18GA Maximum Voltage: 36V Total Length: 5 feet (+/- .25 inch), total length measured connector tip to connector tip


RF Led Edge

This remote control is a replacement for your Lumia permiter LED edge Lighting. Specification: Voltage: 5V -24V Working current: 12A / 3 channelsON/STANDBY: to turn on or switch to standby mode MODE+ / MODE- : switch to dynamic mode from static lighting mode, or switch between dynamic modes SPEED+ /SPEED- : adjust dynamic mode lighting […]


Photobooth Camera Hot

This Camera Hot Shoe from ATA Photobooths syncs with your camera flash by communicating electronically. Add this hot shoe to your camera to take exceptional photos with your photobooth. ATA Photobooths has the photobooth supplies and accessories you need to build an exceptional photobooth business. Shop today! What’s Included 1x Hot shoe Optional Item Sync […]


DVR-240DF LED Ringlight

DVR-240RF provides even light around your camera or camcorder. Heat-free, quiet, even lighting and flexible power supply. It should be your best partner for video recording or photo shooting.


Canon Rebel A/C

This Canon Rebel A/C Adapter Kit from ATA Photobooth allows you to connect your Canon camera to a power source and ensure stable and continuous power. You’ll enjoy long-time shooting when you never have to replace or recharge your batteries again. At ATA Photobooths, we have all of the photobooth supplies you need to keep […]


ABRL160 Stand Mount

ABRL160 Stand Mount Flash with LED Modeling Light is a lightweight monolight with straight forward features that make it ideal for most applications. The 160 watt-second strobe features a bright LED modeling lamp that, unlike its quartz counterparts, is virtually maintenance-free. And instead of lasting 100 hours, the LED typically lasts approximately 25,000 hours.


90 Degree USB

To ensure the success of your photobooth event, we recommend bringing additional cables. Having extra cables on hand can help prevent any potential technical issues and ensure a smooth and seamless experience for you and your guests. What’s Included Male USB to Male USB Mini  Cable  Supported Camera Canon M50 Camera


12V Rechargeable Li-ion

Battery Capacity 1100mah/38400mAh What’s Included: Capacity: 12V 11000mAh/38400mah Input: 12.6V/2A Output: 12V (voltage range is 12.6-9V) /6A Max. 9V/1A. 5V/2A Max. Weight: About 1 lb What’s Included: 1x DC 12V rechargeable Li-ion battery. 1x DC5525 male to DC5521 male power cable. 1x DC5521 1 female to 2 male power splitter cable. 1x 12.6V/1.5A AC/DC charger […]


12V Power Supply

Converts 110V~240V AC current to 12V 6A DC power with a 7.5ft extended power cord to reach a wide range. Includes: 12V Power Supply Brick A/C Power Cord