5 Types of Photo Booths: Which Style Is Right for Your Event?

5 Types of Photo Booths: Which Style Is Right for Your Event?


In the world of event photography, photo booths have become an essential and entertaining feature that adds an extra dose of fun and charm to any occasion. With a plethora of photo booth styles to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which one best complements your event’s theme and atmosphere. In this blog, we explore five distinct types of photo booths, each with its own unique appeal and features. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate gala, or a themed party, we’ll help you discover the perfect photo booth style that will capture unforgettable memories for you and your guests.

  1. Classic Enclosed Photo Booth:

The classic enclosed photo booth takes inspiration from the traditional photo booths of yesteryears. It’s a private, enclosed space that offers guests a cozy and intimate setting to strike their poses. Equipped with a curtain or solid walls, this style allows guests to let their inhibitions go and have fun with friends and family without feeling self-conscious. Classic enclosed photo booths often come with various backdrop options, customizable photo prints, and digital sharing capabilities to make your event truly memorable.

  1. Open-Air Photo Booth:

If you prefer a more interactive and social experience, the open-air photo booth is the perfect choice. As the name suggests, this setup does away with the enclosure, allowing guests to take pictures in an open setting. The absence of walls provides more flexibility for larger group shots and encourages guests to join in on the fun together. Open-air photo booths can be customized with eye-catching backdrops, and they often come with fun props and digital filters to add a touch of creativity to every photo.

  1. Mirror Photo Booth:

The mirror photo booth is a modern and sleek alternative to traditional setups. This innovative style combines a full-length mirror with a touch screen interface, allowing guests to see themselves before capturing the perfect shot. With interactive animations, personalized messages, and instant prints, the mirror photo booth elevates the photobooth experience to a whole new level. It’s an excellent choice for high-end events and corporate functions, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the proceedings.

  1. Green Screen Photo Booth:

For those seeking an element of fantasy and adventure, the green screen photo booth offers boundless possibilities. This type of booth utilizes a green backdrop, which can be replaced with any digital image of your choice during post-processing. Transport your guests to exotic locations, famous landmarks, or even fictional worlds, all within the confines of your event space. The green screen photo booth sparks creativity and imagination, allowing guests to embark on virtual journeys and create memorable keepsakes.

  1. GIF and Boomerang Photo Booth:

In the age of social media, GIF and boomerang animations have become immensely popular. This style of photo booth captures short, looping clips that add a lively and dynamic touch to your event. Guests can instantly share these fun animations on social media, spreading the excitement and buzz of your event far and wide. The GIF and boomerang photo booth is an ideal choice for events where social sharing and engagement are paramount.


When it comes to photo booths, there’s no shortage of styles to choose from, each offering a unique and delightful experience for you and your guests. Whether you opt for the classic enclosed booth, the interactive mirror booth, or the creative green screen booth, each style brings its own magic to your event. Consider your event’s theme, guest preferences, and desired level of interaction when selecting the perfect photo booth style. With the right choice, your photo booth will undoubtedly become the highlight of your event, capturing cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come.

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